Investing in Business Cards

I know one of the first things after registering your name as a business owner. The owner potentially orders their business cards. I can't believe I've been in business for almost a year and a half and just getting around to it. (No shame, tho!)

Although, I promote to the average entrepreneur that "books are the new business card", I still need the card. I've been to several speaking engagements and network events; where the question was asked. "Do you have a business card?" I have a website, a facebook page and I'm even on Twitter. I know, I know!!! The protocol is still real. People wanted something tangible.

Then, I went into thinking, I needed a PO Box, a phone number and/or a statement. Thinking of what all should be included on the card. I've seen many and even with my own experience. I'll collect business cards and then forget where I got the card. Being in business takes a lot of being organized and knowing what is a priority.

Just like the method to create the card and have them printed was almost the same process a publisher goes through with their clients, the author. What is the subject matter? How will yours be different? Where do you plan to distribute? How much do you plan to invest in the final product? See, how books are the new business card.

The "real" difference is that you will give your book away unless you can afford to but a person will potentially remember you. Well, if they do forget; they get to read the pages of your story and get to know you better and understand your craft to relate with you in the future. As child books were my friends. "Reading Made Me Right", I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the books I've read over the years, especially the bible.

I believe everyone has a story or message to share that will bring value to lives of the reader. I've learned that from my own experience. I am currently working on my second book, planning to get it out before the Summer of 2017 (Girl, Give It Up: a story of courage and determination) and then I'm going to write my book about my business, (Right the Vision" We have to write what we see in the spirit and what we know), hoping to launch Winter of 2018.

Writing a book is legendary, people can remember you always (think about the bible). You help your family members; especially, if you are good or skilled at something to understand your craft. This is why Global enterUPtion Literary Group, LLC was created and I'll explain more about what we do in another blog.

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