Make Your Name Great

He said He'll make our name great. I know many times there are individuals who desire to write a book looking to see their name in print. They want to be a household name basically they want to be famous. I don't think it's anything wrong with that, but what I want us to Keep In Mind is that it's not just about getting our name out there to the masses. Our name should represent our character.

When someone tells your story; but hopefully you have decided to tell your own story about your life, while others witness you going through it. It's your story that makes people remember your name. We can't get caught up in titles, which I'm sure many of us know some people who use titles to be known, popular or feel successful. It's not about the title or position but what you (your name) brings to it.

I would rather someone to remember me because of what I've demonstrated in their life, like my coworker who has been promoted to another position. She was rewarded on (November 9, 2016) because many knew she admired the action figure and superShero "Wonder Woman".  I really think it had to do with the name, first. Then, because of the Shero's name, she decided to line up with the character of "Wonder Woman", her name (my coworker) is Wanda. And believe it or not, we work at the airport and "Wonder Woman" flies an invisible plane.

Click on the ARROW above and watch her be like a kid as the word of God says, how we should act in order to make it into His kingdom. But mature of course.