30 Day Book Camp

It takes a woman 9 months to birth a baby. This allows her and her family to plan accordingly. For the most part, most people plan to have their child in their home for anther 18 years before their child venture out into the world.

Yet, we know with reality a lot of things can happen from the seed of the human until the birth of the child. Life is to be captured. There's so many lessons to be learned and have been learned. There are things we don't even know that we don't know, but let me tell you. BOOKS have been my friends.

Well, the month of September for the Global enterUPtion Literary Group has been identify as the month of birthing books. We believe you have had thoughts of writing a book, have written a book; yet you need the support and encouragement to Keep It Moving. Therefore, we have created a 30 Day Pen Pal Accountability Meet Up to write all around Atlanta. This will happen every year, so it's annual. So, mark your calendar accordingly and begin to prepare as if you are pregnant. Well, you are but with a book.

This year in September 2017, we had several PEN PALS to start off our first attempt to hold each other accountable for what's in us. It's just simply amazing to join with other like minded and heart-IT folks, who have the same goal as you, which is to complete a self-published book. You come together to write, they get to write and you get to talk about your book as well. An interruption is taking place right before your eyes.

Then we encourage authors/writers to celebrate all accomplishments because there was a time where, you were not writing. We all have to start somewhere. We can't continue to BELIEVE we want to write a book and not put any actions to it. So, we celebrate you for putting in the action. It's not easy, but it's necessary because the book will not write itself. It needs your discipline.

One of the PEN PAL/authors will be releasing a book soon. Her name is Natolie Gray-Warren, you can find her on social media, while there's others coming behind her. I was working on my 2nd book, OPEN UP!! (My first eBook).  The running title for now. We were able to bond, encourage and write. They say, "it takes 30 days to create a habit". I will say it takes "a season" to do something, especially when it's something you never done before.  In doing so, it's expected to become a part of your lifestyle or way of doing things. As writers, we write and therefore you will.

Someone in the group even shared they don't even like writing, yet it's a part of communicating, a form of it. So, perspectives are shared to get what's in you out. Meet us next year on this journey if you are planning on releasing or birthing a book.