Preparing for the Fall

Do you feel like you are surrounded by distractions, finding yourself procrastinating or making excuses for not being able to stay focused on the desires of your heart. Does it seem like as soon as you think of something GREAT to do, things happens?

BE ALERT! We are entering into the time of the year, where we need to be MINDFUL that we may need to adjust our vision. We have three more months before we enter into 2019. And I want you to end strong. However, it’s interesting that the storm “Florence” has been discussed this month. There was an announcement and people had to make adjustments about their life and valuables. What is truly important to you? People had to evacuated and make quick decisions. Some sadly and disturbingly losing family and friends, and leaving behind stuff. I am sure their life will never be the same.

This is an example of knowing that life is not predictable but I believe we are presented with WARNING signs to identify how we should proceed. Does these warning signs show up as distractions? You have to determine that.

Now, reflect over this year! Have you met the goals you desired to accomplish by now? Go ahead and celebrate, if you did at least one of them, especially if you have not. It’s important to recognize the BIG and SMALL accomplishments. We are good at beating ourselves up because we are not where we desired, but know that you will KEEP IT MOVING!

Now, BE AWARE what have constantly came up in your life that you have to deal with? We can’t run from those distractions, I believe they show up, so we can make that decision that will cause to gain wisdom and understanding. They build our character, how do you respond to the distraction your life?

We all have a story to tell, but what are we living out and what are we saying to ourselves and to others? Although the story is TOLD, what problems have we solved? Your story has a perspective but we must go deeper to ensure we don’t continue to make the same decisions that’s causing us to procrastinate and put our visions on the back burner.

Who said that life was going to be smooth or easy? Fall is coming, it comes every year. As I reflect over the season of Fall I am reminded how the leaves fall off the tree. Although, they fall they don’t fall the same way every year. Other things influences it, from the wind to it’s being ready to fall. Allow those distractions to not stare you in the face but to fall like the leaves and turn into an opportunity.

Did you know that a dead leaf that falls on the lawn becomes fertilizer? The challenges you have overcome can become fertilizer to give someone else life as you SHARE. When the grass go dormant, let it be a reminder to not procrastinate because remember. The grass may go dormant but Spring is coming. How you maintain the grass during the Fall and Winter will determine how the grass will bloom in the Spring. It needs maintenance.

It’s also during the Fall that time changes, we can no longer make excuses. We have things to do. What has helped me is writing all the things I need TO DO out or typing them on my laptop to refer to later. It truly helps because it’s easy to forget when you are faced with things you did not plan or expect. What I’ve learned is that the date might change, but not my goal or my vision. They will stays the same…adjustments are made.

Please note: It’s not good for man to be alone:

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