Be Intentional in 2017

We are here, 3 days into the New Year. Hello 2017. I’ve heard and read all kinds excitement and expectations leading up to the New Year and I truly hope “America” will stick to this joy. So, with that being written, “What have you done thus far?” We know that what we do today will affect our tomorrow and how we end a year, we will start another. Unless we recognize on what we need to CHANGE.

For decades people have made RESOLUTIONS! And writing a book has been one of them. I need to know the meaning of the word resolution (was in a conversation last night about it). I didn’t make resolutions. I see the word solution is inside that word. I believe I didn’t make them because I heard people make jokes about breaking resolutions before Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Yet, it sounds like a rule or promise was broken. So, do we have issues with commitment, discipline or do we not make realistic plans or written goals that we can reflect over? This is why I like to journal.

I’ll get back with you regarding the meaning of resolution. You may beat me to it, because I know you are so eager to know, if you don’t know already. But I’m here today to share about “being intentional” especially when it comes to writing a book. As stated earlier, people have said or have written they are expecting GREAT things in 2017. But do their admirations/dreams/or wants automatically happen just because we said, written or thought about?

Umph, NO! Some of the same people, who have said they wanted to publish a book. Please note: This is the WRITE year!  They wanted to write a book some decades or years ago. I’ve been in their shoes and sat at the same table with a laptop and thoughts. But, don’t beat yourself only to continue to fall in the cycle of procrastination. Being intentional is about having a plan for your desire outcome, a plan that includes follow up and follow through. You need accountability.

To be intentional means it must be done on purpose or deliberate. Do you know your WHY to writing a book? And when do you desire to have the book completed? Trust me, you can do it, one page at a time. You can start with journaling. Get a jump start by creating a writing habit by doing the 7 Day – 10 Minute Write-Out Challenge. You can find it by subscribing.

Let’s #BN10tional! Share your experience on social media. Include the hashtag #BN10tional!, I’ll find you and follow you. Let’s start a movement. You can get your book done, this year. Your book can go places you may not be able to physically go. It’s an investment. You will reap what you sow. People waiting on you and your story. These people were destined to be in your garden. I describe it creatively in my book. Get an autographed copy: “Seasons of Intentional Relationships”. You can purchase on the AUTHORS Page.

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We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. I desire to grow and develop my writing voice, building my brand and meeting likeminded/hearted people; so, I can share. I’ll be BLOGGING once a week.

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