It is Finished

October is almost over and I' m so thankful to have been asked to share with Cancer Conquerors and Eradicators. I was able to share about my mom. It has been years since I've talked about what happened when my mom transitioned. A lot was going on in the world.

In year 1999, I started attending a new church as the word NEW kept popping up in my thoughts. So, I went and got a new hairstyle and even purchased some new clothes. I join New Birth on New Years and it didn't dawn on me until  years later. I remember joining the College Ministry and assisted with the Peculiar newsletter.

Then, around October I received a call from my mom; who shared she was diagnosed with Cancer. I was at work and didn't know how to process this information I just received. The ride home seems vague. The doctors even told her how long she had to live. All the while, I was waiting for my townhome to be completed. I thought maybe I should move back home.

I ended up closing on my townhome in December 1999 and went home immediately after signing all those papers. The Lord called her home on January 21, 2000. I thought there was going to be issues with flying out as there was a lot of Y2K going on at the time with the computer systems. 

I just remember writing all the thoughts I had, while going through this process. How I felt? What I saw? I journaled a lot during that time. Yet, while at the podium on October 22, 2016. I briefly shared a poem entitled "God Got You Covered". Many times we only think about the diagnosed and that's important. I experienced seeing the turmoil of all kinds of emotions from family and friends and what their life will be like after the person transcends.

I got through the poem without crying. However, my mom was full of humor and sassiness and I believe I represented her well.