Sharing Your Story

Are you an entrepreneur? If you are in business and you don't have a book. I want to highly encourage you to start journaling your daily activities. The good, bad and the ugly. Because trust me, we will experience them all. There are lessons and insights you have to be able to add value to others. You have information that's not out there, you can contribute to what is already written. You have a perspective. 

Writing does require discipline, but the good part about this writing journey is that you are good at what you do. Let me demonstrate this to you.

Please take a pen and draw a big circle in the middle of a piece of paper. Please identify by naming what you are good at and write that in that circle. It could be relationships, lawn service, barber or babysitter. Now take your topic (the name you wrote in the circle) or what you do and write at least 10 things around the topic/circle that you know well. It could be the lessons you've learned, the how to's, or/and how you got into doing what you are doing.

Do you know you have just created your chapters? This can basically be your Table of Content.

But please KEEP IN MIND (K.I.M), as you continue to write you may become creative with your titles. Matter of fact go to and play around with your chapter titles. Just type in the title and read the feedback. Your goal is to get the numbers between 70 and 80.

When you share your story, you are sharing information. Information that is needed for someone to read to provide humor, hope, and honesty. It's also a form of leaving your legacy. Because of what you do, you want others to know you were here, as you contribute to the direction of a positive world.

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Investing in Business Cards

I know one of the first things after registering your name as a business owner. The owner potentially orders their business cards. I can't believe I've been in business for almost a year and a half and just getting around to it. (No shame, tho!)

Although, I promote to the average entrepreneur that "books are the new business card", I still need the card. I've been to several speaking engagements and network events; where the question was asked. "Do you have a business card?" I have a website, a facebook page and I'm even on Twitter. I know, I know!!! The protocol is still real. People wanted something tangible.

Then, I went into thinking, I needed a PO Box, a phone number and/or a statement. Thinking of what all should be included on the card. I've seen many and even with my own experience. I'll collect business cards and then forget where I got the card. Being in business takes a lot of being organized and knowing what is a priority.

Just like the method to create the card and have them printed was almost the same process a publisher goes through with their clients, the author. What is the subject matter? How will yours be different? Where do you plan to distribute? How much do you plan to invest in the final product? See, how books are the new business card.

The "real" difference is that you will give your book away unless you can afford to but a person will potentially remember you. Well, if they do forget; they get to read the pages of your story and get to know you better and understand your craft to relate with you in the future. As child books were my friends. "Reading Made Me Right", I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the books I've read over the years, especially the bible.

I believe everyone has a story or message to share that will bring value to lives of the reader. I've learned that from my own experience. I am currently working on my second book, planning to get it out before the Summer of 2017 (Girl, Give It Up: a story of courage and determination) and then I'm going to write my book about my business, (Right the Vision" We have to write what we see in the spirit and what we know), hoping to launch Winter of 2018.

Writing a book is legendary, people can remember you always (think about the bible). You help your family members; especially, if you are good or skilled at something to understand your craft. This is why Global enterUPtion Literary Group, LLC was created and I'll explain more about what we do in another blog.

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Be Intentional in 2017

We are here, 3 days into the New Year. Hello 2017. I’ve heard and read all kinds excitement and expectations leading up to the New Year and I truly hope “America” will stick to this joy. So, with that being written, “What have you done thus far?” We know that what we do today will affect our tomorrow and how we end a year, we will start another. Unless we recognize on what we need to CHANGE.

For decades people have made RESOLUTIONS! And writing a book has been one of them. I need to know the meaning of the word resolution (was in a conversation last night about it). I didn’t make resolutions. I see the word solution is inside that word. I believe I didn’t make them because I heard people make jokes about breaking resolutions before Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Yet, it sounds like a rule or promise was broken. So, do we have issues with commitment, discipline or do we not make realistic plans or written goals that we can reflect over? This is why I like to journal.

I’ll get back with you regarding the meaning of resolution. You may beat me to it, because I know you are so eager to know, if you don’t know already. But I’m here today to share about “being intentional” especially when it comes to writing a book. As stated earlier, people have said or have written they are expecting GREAT things in 2017. But do their admirations/dreams/or wants automatically happen just because we said, written or thought about?

Umph, NO! Some of the same people, who have said they wanted to publish a book. Please note: This is the WRITE year!  They wanted to write a book some decades or years ago. I’ve been in their shoes and sat at the same table with a laptop and thoughts. But, don’t beat yourself only to continue to fall in the cycle of procrastination. Being intentional is about having a plan for your desire outcome, a plan that includes follow up and follow through. You need accountability.

To be intentional means it must be done on purpose or deliberate. Do you know your WHY to writing a book? And when do you desire to have the book completed? Trust me, you can do it, one page at a time. You can start with journaling. Get a jump start by creating a writing habit by doing the 7 Day – 10 Minute Write-Out Challenge. You can find it by subscribing.

Let’s #BN10tional! Share your experience on social media. Include the hashtag #BN10tional!, I’ll find you and follow you. Let’s start a movement. You can get your book done, this year. Your book can go places you may not be able to physically go. It’s an investment. You will reap what you sow. People waiting on you and your story. These people were destined to be in your garden. I describe it creatively in my book. Get an autographed copy: “Seasons of Intentional Relationships”. You can purchase on the AUTHORS Page.

For that accountability JOIN the ARTS: Just Write Facebook Page. It’s a community of Writers/Authors. We hold you to your WORD, count.

We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. I desire to grow and develop my writing voice, building my brand and meeting likeminded/hearted people; so, I can share. I’ll be BLOGGING once a week.

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Make Your Name Great

He said He'll make our name great. I know many times there are individuals who desire to write a book looking to see their name in print. They want to be a household name basically they want to be famous. I don't think it's anything wrong with that, but what I want us to Keep In Mind is that it's not just about getting our name out there to the masses. Our name should represent our character.

When someone tells your story; but hopefully you have decided to tell your own story about your life, while others witness you going through it. It's your story that makes people remember your name. We can't get caught up in titles, which I'm sure many of us know some people who use titles to be known, popular or feel successful. It's not about the title or position but what you (your name) brings to it.

I would rather someone to remember me because of what I've demonstrated in their life, like my coworker who has been promoted to another position. She was rewarded on (November 9, 2016) because many knew she admired the action figure and superShero "Wonder Woman".  I really think it had to do with the name, first. Then, because of the Shero's name, she decided to line up with the character of "Wonder Woman", her name (my coworker) is Wanda. And believe it or not, we work at the airport and "Wonder Woman" flies an invisible plane.

Click on the ARROW above and watch her be like a kid as the word of God says, how we should act in order to make it into His kingdom. But mature of course.




Our Moments becomes Our Memories

Today I will be sharing with a group of people, Aviator's Toastmasters. I'm doing my second speech from the Storytelling Manual, Let's Get Personal and that I will. I will be sharing a story about when my brother passed away and how I was able to tell his story to his son years later, thanks to MySpace.

I've always been one of those people who kept everything. No, I'm not a hoarder. I just like creating memories because those moments go by so fast and we can forget the details. This is why one of the activities I do with the inspiring writers who go through #BN10tional! Program when self-publishing their book, we not only create a vision board, but we create a Memory Book. You have to capture every moment and celebrate your journey.

Time flies as they say and before we know it, it could be years and decades later and we can miss the most vital parts of our story; if we don't capture them. In honor of my brother, on this day; I will remind people to not just take a picture but to share the entire story about the picture because we have heard, "A picture can tell a thousand words" and you would want the right words for your story.

My brother: Malcolm Lamar Sharkey will not be forgotten, if I have anything to do with it.

The Whole Woman Experience

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with some ladies about writing their story. To write your story you have to be BOLD and courageous to want to reveal the naked truth. I shared with the ladies that as a child, I was told "if I didn't have anything good to say, not to say anything at all", but what the adult didn't say "I couldn't write out my thoughts".

Our dear sister, Natalie gave us all a gift, which included an affirmation and my affirmation was I am fearless. It was confirmation for me  because not only have I not shared my story. I didn't realize how God has been allowing my story to take ROOT. I didn't share my story before because I often times felt like it wasn't appropriate because when someone else shared their it appeared to have been "more serious".

There were not a lot of things I didn't experience in life, but my God. He has given me an imagination. He has given me insight that we all have a story to tell, but we must be OBEDIENT in sharing it. Now, let me share about this obedient dang. See, just because you have a story doesn't mean you need to share it. Your root system; needs to consist of hope, humor and honesty. You have to want to share the WHOLE truth.

So I stand well, WRITE in thanking my sister for her OBEDIENCE to do what God has called her to do. If you are not aware of the Whole Woman Experience. I suggest you visit to make sure you register for the next one. It's about investing in you.