Hello and Welcome, are you here because you believe you have a book to publish? Or maybe you have a story or message to share and you can't compress the feelings of those words and ideas that seems to torment you even while you are sleep.  There's a reason for that. It means you have to do something with that story.

You are an author!

You can do it. Maybe you think because someone else has written about the subject matter, but READ this: no one have ever written it the way you are being led to write it. Your experience is unique. Your story is like the blueprint to your future and what you have experienced is like fingerprints to identify you. You have valuable insight, don't discount it. You can add value to others with your published book. 

I’m a self-published author and literary strategist who desire to provide information to transform writers into authors by helping them shift through the process.  I’ve learned that it’s not about when you tell your story, but why you want to write your story? It is my pleasure to assist you through the self--publishing process with confidence.

We will find your start and END your story in print.

You can also purchase my book, "Seasons of Intentional Relationships" by Clicking on the AUTHOR Tab. I want to add value to your life.